Within the context of The Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius

Anzac Day

Standing on the rocky headland side by side bound by the early morning darkness an erie pre-dawn sense descends across the gathering. The locals had come to remember Anzac ... _keep_reading

Easter Saturday: Mark 16:9-15

Contemporary themes continue to dominate the Easter Octave. Our humanity is so obvious in the disciples at this time. There has been a revolution in Jerusalem. They are incapable ... _keep_reading

Easter Friday: John 21:1-14

The Easter drama continues: fishing by the Sea of Tiberius. Once again the disciples have difficulty recognising Jesus as He appears to them in different ways in different places. ... _keep_reading

Easter Thursday: Luke 24:35-48

Is there a more soothing phrase when darkest thoughts assail us than, “Peace be with you”? No matter how startled or terrified we have become. Disbelief seizes our gut. ... _keep_reading

Easter Wednesday: Luke 24:13-35

Is there a more curious journey than the Road to Emmaus? Perplexed Dubious Stunned. All signs of a lack of faith. Obviously Jesus’ companions were oblivious to the experiences ... _keep_reading

Easter Tuesday: John 20:11-18

Mary Magdalene is the chief negotiator. Impossible to imagine an empty tomb. Door once shut now wide open. This changed venue has become an invitation, a choice, a way, ... _keep_reading

Easter Monday: Matthew 28:8-15

Having witnessed the brutality of the crucifixion, the women are devoid of hope. Jesus recognises their disturbed mental state of fear and confusion. Aware of the panic and chaos ... _keep_reading

Easter Sunday: John 20:1-9

Music from the Messiah rings out. “I know that my Redeemer liveth”. Out of the darkness comes the light of the Risen Lord. Who are the perceptive ones? The ... _keep_reading

Holy Saturday: Matt 28: 1-10

There is a finality about the death of the physical body – an emptiness prevails. Jesus’ resurrection cuts through the radical nature of this definitive experience. “Resurrect sicut dixit.” ... _keep_reading

The Crucifixion: John 18: 1-19

The torturous night after the Passover is over. Most of the disciples have run for cover. Riddled with fear and anxiety, unable to comprehend the experience of their Master. ... _keep_reading

The Passover: John 13:1-15

After forty days and nights of prayer and fasting we come to the Jewish celebration – Passover. Celebrated with a meal – the notion of service is central to ... _keep_reading

Palm Sunday: Matt 26:14-27

Many Australians enjoy parades in their cities and towns. They are seen as opportunities for celebration: Australia Day, Anzac Day, winning football or cricket competitions, even the Melbourne Cup. ... _keep_reading

Fifth Sunday of Lent: John 11:1-45

Jesus continues His journey. His ministry is becoming more and more controversial but He is not afraid. Lazarus is dead. Mary and Martha overwhelmed with grief. Jesus chides Martha ... _keep_reading

Fourth Sunday of Lent: John9:1-14

The Lenten pilgrimage continues. This Sunday focuses on a sensory neural disability – blindness. Helen Keller, the blind/deaf American was once quoted as saying: “blindness cuts you off from ... _keep_reading

Third Sunday of Lent: John4:5-42

As we approach the halfway mark of our Lenten journey Jesus advises us to ignore any attention to racial discrimination. The planet has been plagued by such evils since ... _keep_reading

Second Sunday of Lent: Matt 17:1-9

Over the past decade it has become trendy for people to be known for the pilgrimages they have made; especially the St James Walk, better known as Camino de ... _keep_reading

First Sunday of Lent 2017 – Matt 4:1-11

The Lenten call cries out “Let the pilgrimage begin!” Where will this journey take us? What events or experiences will occur over the next forty days that will draw ... _keep_reading

Ash Wednesday

Climbing mountains or abseiling requires human effort and commitment. Reaching the summit can seem impossible. Step by step we press on. It is easy to become despondent, even one’s ... _keep_reading

Creation – our connection

A longing arises within It comes from the deep inner recesses of the heart. Julian of Norwich describes it as being “of God”. The sacred state of being is ... _keep_reading

A safe inner dwelling

In Australia February is frequently the most challenging month of the calendar year. High temperatures together with extreme humidity. It is the latter that offers a metaphor for mental ... _keep_reading


  IF I write? CAN I write? WILL I write? all questions a poet asks. To pray with one’s journal and pen in hand is to embark on a ... _keep_reading


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